Hello, my name is Cameron...

I'm a passionate software developer that has worked with many languages over the course of roughly 4 years. I am extremely interested in solving complex challenges, exploring new technologies, and improving my skills. Information regarding my abilities and places I have worked in the past are available at your leisure below. Additionally, feel free to reach out to me using any of the various social media links provided.


Technologies I'm Familiar With: Java, JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS

  1. # Concept Design

    From sketches on paper all the way to code in an editor, I will be by your side the entire creative process either offering ideas and suggestions when asked. You invision how you would like your product to function and look, and I will handle the rest.

  2. # Scalable Applications

    Whether your application will be served to 30 users or 3000 users, your application will guarentee strong performance in any production environment.

  3. # Efficient Code

    Efficiency is key. While writing applications how it performs is what truely makes or breaks the experience users have when interacting with it; this quality will never be compromised.

  4. # Bug Free

    Your application will be extensively tested, to provide the best experience possible to the user. If you happen to encounter a bug, reach out to me and I will see to it that the issue is fixed as soon as possible with no additonal charge.

Notable Work


Email codenameflip#1337 Twitter Github LinkedIn